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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


College of Education and Human Services


Teacher Education and Teacher Development

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Monica Taylor

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Jeremy Price

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Emily Klein


Studies have shown that culturally responsive teaching and its praxis appear very differently in various K-8 classrooms, while addressing race and racism are often absent from the classroom. However, these studies also support that pedagogical theories and practice such as these address the needs of students of color. Therefore, through a critical race theory lens, I explored teachers’ life history, how this influenced their classroom practice, and how they addressed race and racism in their professional lives. Narrative inquiry methods were used to uncover answers to addressing race and racism in the classroom through three teachers’ culturally responsive instruction. The results indicated that even if a teacher is culturally responsive, they may not be addressing race and racism, and teachers have different comfort levels with addressing race and racism in the classroom. I then provide ways for teacher educators to create and support pedagogy and experiences to enhance this kind of learning for preservice and inservice teachers.

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