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Master of Science (MS)


College of Science and Mathematics


Applied Mathematics and Statistics

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Eric Forgoston

Committee Member

Lora Billings

Committee Member

Deepak Bal


Previous research on the extinctions that occur in niche model food webs with deterministic and stochastic dynamics has shown that the structure of the food web can play an important role in extinction cascades. In this thesis, other types of synthetic food web models are considered, namely the cascade and generalized cascade models, and the extinction cascades of these food webs are compared with previous findings on the extinction cascades from the niche model. It was found that there are many similarities in the results for all three models, which prompted a closer analysis using food webs with deterministic dynamics. We developed a method to theoretically predict the survival or extinction of species in two- and three-species food webs, and compared the predictions with numerical results.

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