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Doctor of Education (EdD)


College of Education and Human Services


Educational Foundations

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Tyson E. Lewis

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Monica Taylor

Committee Member

Dorothy Rogers


Hinduism--Study and teaching (Higher), Hinduism and education, Dance in religious education, Kuchipudi (Dance), Postcolonialism


With postcolonial theory in mind, I engage in a self-study that shares how I use Kuchipudi Indian Classical Hindu dance to develop a de-Orientalized pedagogical process to educate non-Hindus, particularly in higher education, about Hinduism. As I teach through the medium of Kuchipudi Indian classical Hindu dance in undergraduate classrooms, conferences, invited campus-wide lectures, and theatricals, I aim to improve my pedagogy that confronts the legacy of colonialism. Building on Edward Said’s groundbreaking theory of Orientalism and postcolonial theory, this project relates a pedagogical process that will help educators across disciplines maintain an awareness of the urgency of a de-Orientalized postcolonial pedagogy that pays close attention to interreligious and intercultural dialogue.

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