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Master of Science (MS)


College of Science and Mathematics


Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Mark A. Whitener

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Saliya deSilva

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Johannes Schelvis


A quasiracemate is the cocrystallization of two similarly shaped but chemically distinct molecules of opposite handedness. There has been extensive work done in the field of organic quasiracemates by Dr. Kraig A. Wheeler. Limited work has been done in inorganic quasiracemates. The goal of this study was to prepare various metal based enantiomers, racemates, and quasiracemates using A-phthaloylalanines, and TV-methylimidazole as ligands bound to copper arranged in a centrosymmetric pattern. In this study, we developed a method to prepare A-phthaloylalanines and its copper complexes. Three complexes have yielded crystal structures: a racemate, bis(7V-methylimidazole) bis(D,L-3-chloro-7V-phthaloylalanato)copper(II); a quasiracemate, bis(A-methyhmidazole)(L-3-chloro-iV-phthaloylalanato)(D-3-methyl-7V-phthaloylalanato) copper(II); and an enantiomer, bis(ALmethylimidazole)bis(L-A-phthaloylalanato) copper(II). The Cl atom was disordered in the racemate and the quasiracemate in approximately equal occupancy over two positions. The methyl-A-phthaloyl group was disordered over three positions in the quasiracemate. Both of these disorders are described in the results and discussion section in this study. The comparison of the racemate and the quasiracemate showed isostructurality in their crystal structures while the enantiomer packed differently.

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