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Master of Arts (MA)


College of Education and Human Services


Family and Child Studies

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Jennifer Brown Urban

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Katia Paz Goldfarb

Committee Member

Jamaal Sharif Matthews


This study explores program logic in 4-H’s positive youth development (PYD) programs. The sample was drawn from programs that have engaged in planning at both county and state levels. Using a systems perspective as a guide, this study considers the bidirectional interrelationships among multiple levels of a 4-H system. Bidirectional relationships make alignment between “local” (county) and “global” (state) levels of the 4-H system important. This study utilizes content analysis to explore activities and outcomes in 12 county-level, “local,” 4-H logic models and 1 statewide, “global” 4-H logic model. Logic models were compared within “local-local” models and between “local-global” models. PYD constructs were used to frame the analysis of language used to express program logic and similarity matrices were used to track the frequency of shared elements. Results show both local-local and local-global alignment and misalignment within the 4-H system. Inconsistencies and implications are discussed.

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