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Journal of HIV/AIDS & social services


Adolescents of color in urban communities are at high risk for contracting HIV, unlikely to have access to HIV testing services, or any other form of screening services. Using latent class analysis among a sample of African American/Black (48.1%) and Hispanic/Latina(o) (42%) youth (N = 668; Mage = 16.30; 51% female), this study examined the association cluster group membership, based on sexual negotiation skills and risk behavior, had on HIV knowledge, perception of risk, and the number of sexual partners. Five distinct cluster groups emerged, with significant heterogeneity observed between cluster groups on select dependent variables. A larger proportion of the study participants were in cluster groups that identified higher levels of sexual negotiation skills; however, variation was present based on risk behaviors. Results provide useful recommendations for research on HIV/AIDS and risk behaviors, as well prevention-intervention programing among urban youth of color.



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Lardier Jr, D. T., Opara, I., Herrera, A., Henry, M., Garcia-Reid, P., & Reid, R. J. (2019). Sexual negotiation skills and risky behavior on sexual partnerships, HIV knowledge, and risk perception among urban youth of color: A latent class analysis. Journal of HIV/AIDS & social services, 18(3), 248-264.