SONET-Based Integrated Digital Loop Carrier Systems

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Integrated Digital Loop Carrier (IDLC) and Synchronous Optical Network (SONET) technologies have taken significant steps forward during the past year. There appears to be widespread consensus in the telecommunications industry on generic interface definitions for both IDLC and SONET network elements. Each of these technologies will respond to the mix- and-match needs of the telephone companies; IDLC in the area of integrated access and SONET in the area of optical interfaces. Individually, mix and SONET technologies should help to solve several of the immediate concerns of telephone companies. Together however, the synergy between the two technologies is opening up new opportunities for integrated access in feeder loop applications. The marriage of IDLC and SONET technologies has enabled a generic SONET-based IDLC interface to be defined. This paper reviews the status of that interface and discusses some of the integrated access opportunities it makes possible.



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