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Migration and Radicalization: Global Futures


How do we flatten the radicalization curve? How do we quell the millions of people disaffected by their new societies or by the changes to their old ones? In 2020, with covid-19 running rampant, trends regarding migration and radicalization took a backseat. But migration and the reactions it causes in host societies a critically important issues for our post-pandemic world. As migrants move to new lands, they are subjected to accusations of being radicals and criminals, and are blamed for extremist nationalist violence on the part of their hosts. The politics of migration have pulled some democracies into illiberalism and recent shifts in human geography have the potential to dramatically change many nation-states. Migration will continue to be a major factor in shaping democracies, defining conflicts and reshaping national characters. This book examines radicalization of migrants and their hosts. It traces the process of radicalization among migrants and hosts in multiple milieus (Ch. 2); it explores a broken system of world migration where hosts and migrants fight over rights to land (Ch. 3); it projects into the future, predicting how migration will affect the post- pandemic world (Ch. 4); and it develops policy prescriptions for improving the current system of world migration (Ch. 5). This chapter sets the stage by laying out the debate on migration, the reasons for migration, and the effects of migration on hosts and migrants alike. All of these factors are considered against the setting of covid-19.


DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-69399-2

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“Chapter One: Migration and Radicalization in the Age of Covid-19.” Migration and Radicalization: Global Futures, by Gabriel Rubin, Palgrave Macmillan, 2021.