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Journal of Family Business Strategy


Although previous studies have recognized the contingent nature of family firms’ aspirations, they have largely neglected cross-cultural heterogeneity. Drawing on the behavioral theory and socio-emotional wealth perspective (SEW), we reexamine the construct of family aspirations in a Chinese context. We argue that Chinese family firms have culturally specific aspirations that can influence their strategic behaviors. Based on a three-phase study employing both qualitative and quantitative methods, we develop and validate a measure of aspirations of Chinese families-in-business. Six dimensions of Chinese family aspirations are explored: family harmony, financial wealth, health and longevity, continuity of family line, family honor and guanxi, and great ambitions for the younger generation. Our findings also identify a set of topics that can be pursued in future research using our Chinese family aspirations scale.

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Lu, F., Zhu, Z., & He, X. (2021). Aspirations of Chinese families-in-business: Development of a reliable measurement instrument. Journal of Family Business Strategy, 12(4), 100441.