Attitudes Toward Star Ratings: Generational Differences Among Indian Consumers

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This study examined generational discrepancies among Indian Gen X and Millennial consumers' attitude toward online star ratings. The results show online star rating involvement has an impact on perceived ease of use and perceived usefulness of star ratings as well as the intention to use online ratings for both generations. However, Millennial consumers find star ratings to be user-friendly, but there is no effect on their attitude toward star ratings. The results also indicate that high star ratings have an effect on Gen Xers' attitudes, while Millennials find that low star ratings have an impact on their attitudes. In addition, Gen Xers rely on low star ratings while Millennials prefer to use high star ratings for intention to use. For managerial suggestions, e-commerce retailers may focus on a product quality indicator such as star ratings for Millennials. However, for Gen Xers, more descriptive information can be more effective.



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