Variations in Consumers' Use of Brand Online Social Networking: A Uses and Gratifications Approach

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The purpose of this study is threefold: (1) to identify consumers' motivations to participate in brand online social networking (BOSN); (2) to examine the effects of BOSN motives on relational outcomes within a community (i.e., BOSN commitment) and at an extended level (i.e., brand attachment); and (3) to examine variations in uses and gratifications of BOSN among diverse groups of BOSN participants. The data were collected by means of a self-administered web-based survey, and samples were drawn from participants of Facebook brand pages. Findings identified information, incentives, entertainment, and connectedness as major BOSN motives. The results showed that gratifications of BOSN participants' need for entertainment and connectedness predict BOSN commitment, which, in turn, strengthens brand attachment. The results confirmed variations among different groups of participants based on their gender and business types. Implications and limitations are discussed.



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