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Fluid mechanics occupies a privileged position in the sciences; it is taught in various science departments including physics, mathematics, environmental sciences and mechanical, chemical and civil engineering, with each highlighting a different aspect or interpretation of the foundation and applications of fluids. Doll’s fluid analogy [5] for this idea is especially relevant to this issue: “Emergence of creativity from complex flow of knowledge—example of Benard convection pattern as an analogy—dissipation or dispersal of knowledge (complex knowledge) results in emergent structures, i.e., creativity which in the context of education should be thought of as a unique way to arrange information so as to make new meaning of old ideas.” A second goal of this paper is to conceptualize the use of Legitimation Code Theory (LCT) dimensions towards teaching strategies intended to facilitate improved learning outcomes. Pal, R. Teach Second Law of Thermodynamics via Analysis of Flow through Packed Beds and Consolidated Porous Media.


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Vaidya, Ashwin. "Teaching and Learning of Fluid Mechanics." Fluids 5, no. 2 (2020): 49.