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Journal of Graph Theory


A 2-matching of a graph G is a spanning subgraph with maximum degree two. The size of a 2-matching U is the number of edges in U and this is at least n-k(U) where n is the number of vertices of G and κ denotes the number of components. In this article, we analyze the performance of a greedy algorithm 2greedy for finding a large 2-matching on a random 3-regular graph. We prove that with high probability, the algorithm outputs a 2-matching U with k(U)=Θ(n1/5).



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Bal, D., Bennett, P., Bohman, T., & Frieze, A. (2018). A greedy algorithm for finding a large 2‐matching on a random cubic graph. Journal of Graph Theory, 88(3), 449-481.

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