Inverse Scattering Sub-Series Direct Removal of Multiples and Depth Imaging and Inversion of Primaries without Subsurface Informationstrategy and Recent Advances

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This paper provides: (1) a review of the logic and promise behind the isolated task inverse-scattering sub-series concept for achieving all processing objectives directly in terms of data only, without knowing or determining or estimating the properties that govern wave propagation in the actual earth; (2) the recognition that an effective response to pressing seismic challenges requires understanding that those challenges arise when assumptions, and prerequisites behind current leading edge seismic processing are not satisfied and that those failures can be attributed to: (A) insufficient acquisition, and/or (B) compute power and (C) bumping into algorithmic limitations and assumptions, and (3) the status and plans of the inverse series campaign to address the fundamental algorithmic limitations of processing methods, that are not addressed by more complete acquisition and faster computers.



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