Publications and creative works by faculty in the Department of Nutrition and Food Studies, College of Education and Human Services, are collected here.


Submissions from 2023


Examination of explicit and implicit emotions and relationship with the intention to support breastfeeding in public: a descriptive study, Kaitlin Overgaard, Lauren M. Dinour, Adrian Kerrihard, and Yeon K. Bai (2023)


Healthy eating interventions delivered in early childhood education and care settings for improving the diet of children aged six months to six years, Sze Lin Yoong, Melanie Lum, Luke Wolfenden, Jacklyn Jackson, Courtney Barnes, Alix E. Hall, Sam McCrabb, Nicole Pearson, Cassandra Lane, Jannah Z. Jones, Lauren Dinour, Therese McDonnell, Debbie Booth, and Alice Grady (2023)

Submissions from 2022


Infant Feeding Tracker Applications: Cross-Sectional Analysis of Use, Lauren Dinour (2022)


Can I pump here? Availability and awareness of lactation spaces at New Jersey colleges and universities, Lauren Dinour, Reshma D. Adwar, Ayla Gentiletti, Nyreen Seguinot, and Kaitlin Overgaard (2022)


Impact of Milk on the Move breastfeeding support campaign on students’ and employees’ attitudes, subjective norms, intention, knowledge, and awareness, Lauren Dinour and Yeon K. Bai (2022)


Conversations in Isolation: A Mixed-Methods, Multi-Perspective Evaluation of Extreme Electronic Service Learning During COVID-19, Lauren Dinour and Jennifer Y. Daclan (2022)


Evaluation of Breastfeeding App Features: Content Analysis Study, Lauren Dinour and Antoinette Pole (2022)


Valuing Diversity in Dietetics: Considerations for Service Dogs at School, Internships, and the Workplace, Danielle Sykora and Lauren Dinour (2022)

Submissions from 2021


Charity-and project-based service learning models increase public service motivation outcomes among dietetic students in a community nutrition course, Lauren Dinour and Jennifer Kuscin (2021)


Living Environment Considerations on Obesity Prevention Behaviors and Self-Efficacy among Chinese Americans, Doreen Liou and Jessica A. Karasik (2021)

Submissions from 2020


For food space: theorizing alternative food networks beyond alterity, Renata Blumberg, Helga Leitner, and Kirsten Valentine Cadieux (2020)


The role of prenatal food insecurity on breastfeeding behaviors: Findings from the United States pregnancy risk assessment monitoring system, Lauren Dinour, Elizabeth I. Rivera Rodas, Ndidiamaka Amutah-Onukagha, and Laurén A. Doamekpor (2020)


Prevalence of seafood consumption among United States adults, 2013-2014, Antoinette Pole, Lauren Dinour, and Haiyan Su (2020)

Submissions from 2019


Examination of Maternal Assets and Breast Milk Expression, Yeon K. Bai and Lauren Dinour (2019)


Critical Review of Theory Use in Breastfeeding Interventions, Yeon Bai, Soyoung Lee, and Kaitlin Overgaard (2019)


Infrastructures of Taste: Rethinking Local Food Histories in Lithuania, Renata Blumberg and Diana Mincyte (2019)


Emotional Experience in Parents of Children With Zellweger Spectrum Disorders: A Qualitative Study, Mousumi Bose, Meena Mahadevan, Dana R. Schules, Rory K. Coleman, Kelly M. Gawron, Melissa B. Gamble, Jean Baptiste Roullet, K. Michael Gibson, and William B. Rizzo (2019)


Reparation Ecologies: Regimes of Repair in Populist Agroecology, Kirsten Valentine Cadieux, Stephen Carpenter, Alex Liebman, Renata Blumberg, and Bhaskar Upadhyay (2019)


Speaking out on “breastfeeding” terminology: Recommendations for gender-inclusive language in research and reporting, Lauren Dinour (2019)


Negotiating Trans-Ethno Space: An Inductive Investigation of Kimchi's Ability to Bound Korean-American Transnational Identity, Charles Feldman, Yeon Bai, Ki Keys, and Dana Schules (2019)


Effectiveness of Individual Nutrition Education Compared to Group Education, in Improving Anthropometric and Biochemical Indices among Hypertensive Adults with Excessive Body Weight: A Randomized Controlled Trial, Danuta Gajewska, Alicja Kucharska, Marcin Kozak, Shahla M. Wunderlich, and Joanna Niegowska (2019)


Chemical Changes in Almonds Throughout Storage: Modeling the Effects of Common Industry Practices, Daniel R. Parrish, Ronald B. Pegg, William L. Kerr, Ruthann B. Swanson, Guangwei Huang, and Adrian Kerrihard (2019)

Submissions from 2018


Project Thanks: Examining HIV/AIDS-Related Barriers and Facilitators to Care in African American Women: A Community Perspective, Ndidiamaka Amutah-Onukagha, Meena Mahadevan, Ijeoma Opara, Monica Rodriguez, Megan Trusdell, and Jessica Kelly (2018)


Using a Model to Design Activity-Based Educational Experiences to Improve Cultural Competency among Graduate Students, Yeon Bai and Kathleen D. Bauer (2018)


Impact of A School-Based Culinary Nutrition Education Program on Vegetable Consumption Behavior, Intention, and Personal Factors Among Korean Second-Graders, Yeon Bai, Young Hee Kim, Young Hee Han, and Taisun Hyun (2018)


Using a Model to Design Activity-Based Educational Experiences to Improve Cultural Competency among Graduate Students, Kathleen D. Bauer and Yeon Bai (2018)


Alternative Food Networks and Farmer Livelihoods: A Spatializing Livelihoods Perspective, Renata Blumberg (2018)


Food and Nutrition Care in Long-Term Care Facilities: Examining the Perspectives of Frontline Workers, Renata Blumberg, Charles Feldman, Douglas Murray, Nechama Burnes, and Debra Murawski (2018)


Raíces Del Sur: Cultivating Ecofeminist Visions in Urban New Jersey, Renata Blumberg, Rosa Huitzitzilin, Claudia Urdanivia, and Brian C. Lorio (2018)


Modeling Sensory and Instrumental Texture Changes of Dry-Roasted Almonds Under Different Storage Conditions, Anna N. Cheely, Ronald B. Pegg, William L. Kerr, Ruthann B. Swanson, Guangwei Huang, Daniel R. Parrish, and Adrian Kerrihard (2018)


A Convergent Mixed-Methods Exploration of the Effects of Community-Engaged Coursework on Graduate Student Learning, Lauren Dinour, Jacalyn Szaro, Renata Blumberg, and Mousumi Bose (2018)


Characterization of the Volatile Compounds in Raw and Roasted Georgia Pecans by HS-SPME-GC-MS, Yi Gong, Adrian Kerrihard, and Ronald B. Pegg (2018)


Dietary Acculturation of Obesity Risk Reduction Behaviors in Chinese Americans, Doreen Liou, Kathleen Bauer, and Emily Fowler (2018)

Factors Influencing the Eating Practices of Hospital Nurses During Their Shifts, Tina Monaghan, Lauren Dinour, Doreen Liou, and Melanie Shefchik (2018)

Effects of Storage Conditions on Consumer and Chemical Assessments of Raw ‘Nonpareil’ Almonds Over A Two-Year Period, Emily A. Pleasance, William L. Kerr, Ronald B. Pegg, Ruthann B. Swanson, Anna N. Cheely, Guangwei Huang, Daniel R. Parrish, and Adrian Kerrihard (2018)

A Metabolomic Map of Zellweger Spectrum Disorders Reveals Novel Disease Biomarkers, Michael F. Wangler, Leroy Hubert, Taraka R. Donti, Meredith J. Ventura, Marcus J. Miller, Nancy Braverman, Kelly Gawron, Mousumi Bose, Ann B. Moser, Richard O. Jones, William B. Rizzo, V. Reid Sutton, Qin Sun, Adam D. Kennedy, and Sarah H. Elsea (2018)

Submissions from 2017

Validation of A Theory of Planned Behavior-Based Questionnaire to Examine Factors Associated With Milk Expression, Yeon Bai and Lauren Dinour (2017)

Food Insecurity and Emotional Health in the USAA Systematic Narrative Review of Longitudinal Research, Meg Bruening, Lauren Dinour, and Jose B.Rosales Chavez (2017)

Use of Comparative Case Study Methodology for US Public Health Policy Analysis: A Review, Lauren Dinour, Amy Kwan, and Nicholas Freudenberg (2017)

Potato Chips, Cookies, and Candy Oh My! Public Commentary on Proposed Rules Regulating Competitive Foods, Lauren Dinour and Antoinette Pole (2017)

Employer-Based Programs to Support Breastfeeding Among Working Mothers: A Systematic Review, Lauren Dinour and Jacalyn M. Szaro (2017)

Chemical and Nutritive Characteristics of Tree Nut Oils Available in the U.S. Market, Yi Gong, Ronald B. Pegg, Elizabeth C. Carr, Daniel R. Parrish, Mary E. Kellett, and Adrian Kerrihard (2017)

The Effects of Acclimation to the United States and Other Demographic Factors on Responses to Salt Levels in Foods: An Examination Utilizing Face Reader Technology, Adrian Kerrihard, Mohamad B. Khair, Renata Blumberg, Charles Feldman, and Shahla M. Wunderlich (2017)

Selected Nutrient Analyses of Fresh, Fresh-Stored, and Frozen Fruits and Vegetables, Linshan Li, Ronald B. Pegg, Ronald R. Eitenmiller, Ji Yeon Chun, and Adrian Kerrihard (2017)

Are Campus Food Environments Healthy? A Novel Perspective for Qualitatively Evaluating the Nutritional Quality of Food Sold At Foodservice Facilities At A Brazilian University, Isadora Santos Pulz, Paula Andréa Martins, Charles Feldman, and Marcela Boro Veiros (2017)

Submissions from 2016


Breastfeeding: The Illusion of Choice, Yeon Bai and Lauren Dinour (2016)

Determinants of the Intention to Pump Breast Milk on A University Campus, Yeon Bai, Lauren Dinour, and Gina A. Pope (2016)


A Pilot Study for Plant the Seed: A Nutrition Education Program Using Local Food Environment to Put Theory into Action, Yeon Bai, Shahla M. Wunderlich, and Karen A. Lee (2016)

Nutrition Counseling and Education Skill Development, Kathleen D. Bauer and Doreen Liou (2016)

Peroxisome Biogenesis Disorders in the Zellweger Spectrum: An Overview of Current Diagnosis, Clinical Manifestations, and Treatment Guidelines, Nancy E. Braverman, Gerald V. Raymond, William B. Rizzo, Ann B. Moser, Mark E. Wilkinson, Edwin M. Stone, Steven J. Steinberg, Michael F. Wangler, Eric T. Rush, Joseph G. Hacia, and Mousumi Bose (2016)

Food Safety and Hygiene Practices of Vendors During the Chain of Street Food Production in Florianopolis, Brazil: A Cross-Sectional Study, Rayza Dal Molin Cortese, Marcela Boro Veiros, Charles Feldman, and Suzi Barletto Cavalli (2016)

Culinary Efficacy: An Exploratory Study of Skills, Confidence, and Healthy Cooking Competencies Among University Students, Douglas Murray, Meena Mahadevan, Kelsey Gatto, Kaitlyn O'Connor, Alexis Fissinger, Dylan Bailey, and Eric Cassara (2016)


Serious Leisure: The Sport of Target Shooting and Leisure Satisfaction, Douglas Murray, David Martin, Martin O’Neill, and T. Jason Gouge (2016)

Modeling the Impact of Residual Fat-Soluble Vitamin (FSV) Contents on the Oxidative Stability of Commercially Refined Vegetable Oils, Kornél Nagy, Adrian Kerrihard, Maurizio Beggio, Brian D. Craft, and Ronald B. Pegg (2016)

Nutrition in Public Health : Principles, Policies, and Practice, Arlene Spark, Lauren M. Dinour, and Janel Obenchain (2016)

Submissions from 2015

Workplace Lactation Support by New Jersey Employers Following US Reasonable Break Time for Nursing Mothers Law, Yeon Bai, Susan I. Gaits, and Shahla M. Wunderlich (2015)


Breastfeeding Initiation and Continuation by Employment Status among Korean Women, Yeon Bai, Nam Mi Kang, Jung Eun Lee, Theo Van Achterberg, and Taisun Hyun (2015)


The Effect of Active Video Games on the Heart Rate of Older Adults, Yeon Bai, Shahla M. Wunderlich, and Diane M. Hanel (2015)

Geographies of Reconnection at the Marketplace, Renata Blumberg (2015)

Conflict and Compromise in Public Health Policy: Analysis of Changes Made to Five Competitive Food Legislative Proposals Prior to Adoption, Lauren Dinour (2015)

Lessons Learned from A Student-Led Breastfeeding Support Initiative At A US Urban Public University, Lauren Dinour and Nisha Beharie (2015)

Breast Milk Pumping Beliefs, Supports, and Barriers on A University Campus, Lauren Dinour, Gina A. Pope, and Yeon Bai (2015)

Nutrition Information and Its Influence on Menu Choice Within Higher Education Establishments, Charles Feldman, Heather Hartwell, Joseph Brusca, Haiyan Su, and Hang Zhao (2015)

Menu Label Accuracy At A University's Foodservices. An Exploratory Recipe Nutrition Analysis, Charles Feldman, Douglas Murray, Stephanie Chavarria, and Hang Zhao (2015)

Oxidative Stability of Commodity Fats and Oils: Modeling Based on Fatty Acid Composition, Adrian Kerrihard, Kornél Nagy, Brian D. Craft, Maurizio Beggio, and Ronald B. Pegg (2015)

Update on the Methods for Monitoring UFA Oxidation in Food Products, Adrian Kerrihard, Ronald B. Pegg, Anwesha Sarkar, and Brian D. Craft (2015)

Salt, Chefs, and Public Health: An Exploratory Investigation of Hospitality Professionals’, Douglas Murray, Heather Hartwell, Charles Feldman, and Meena Mahadevan (2015)


Home Brewing and Serious Leisure: Exploring the Motivation to Engage and the Resultant Satisfaction Derived Through Participation, Douglas Murray and Martin A. O’Neill (2015)

Consumer Knowledge and Attitudes About Genetically Modified Food Products and Labelling Policy, Melissa Vecchione, Charles Feldman, and Shahla Wunderlich (2015)

Submissions from 2014


Examination of Obesity Risk-Reduction Behaviors in Chinese Americans, Yeon Bai, Kathleen D. Bauer, and Doreen Liou (2014)


Veggiecation: A Novel Approach to Improve Vegetable Consumption Among School-Aged Children, Yeon Bai, Lisa Suriano, and Shahla M. Wunderlich (2014)

Menu Psychology to Encourage Healthy Menu Selections At A New Jersey University, Charles Feldman, Haiyan Su, Meena Mahadevan, Joseph Brusca, and Heather Hartwell (2014)

Changing Food Habits in A South Indian Hindu Brahmin Community: A Case of Transitioning Gender Roles and Family Dynamics, Meena Mahadevan, Dorothy Blair, and Emily Rose Raines (2014)

Perceived Barriers to Optimum Nutrition Among Congregate (Sheltered) Housing Residents in the USA, Meena Mahadevan, Heather Hartwell, Charles Feldman, and Emily Raines (2014)

Assisted-Living Elderly and the Mealtime Experience, Meena Mahadevan, H. J. Hartwell, Charles Feldman, J. A. Ruzsilla, and E. R. Raines (2014)


Target Shooting As A Serious Leisure Pursuit–An Exploratory Study of the Motivations Driving Participant Engagement, David Spencer Martin, Douglas Murray, Martin A. O'Neill, Martin MacCarthy, and Jason Gogue (2014)

Submissions from 2013


Investigating obesity risk-reduction behaviours and psychosocial factors in Chinese Americans, Yeon Bai, Doreen Liou, and Kathleen D. Bauer (2013)

Lactation Accommodation in the Workplace and Duration of Exclusive Breastfeeding, Yeon Bai and Shahla M. Wunderlich (2013)


Alternative Hospital Gift Bags and Breastfeeding Exclusivity, Yeon Bai, Shahla M. Wunderlich, and Rickie Kashdan (2013)

Using Student Opinion and Design Inputs to Develop An Informed University Foodservice Menu, Charles Feldman, Heather Harwell, and Joseph Brusca (2013)

The United States Department of Agriculture Policies to Improve School Food Quality While Protecting the Environment, Shahla Wunderlich, Yeon Bai, and S. Chung (2013)

Submissions from 2012


Eating Behaviors of Older Adults Participating in Government-Sponsored Programs with Different Demographic Backgrounds, Yeon Bai, Shahla M. Wunderlich, Joseph Brusca, Johnson-Austin Marti, and Michelle O'Malley (2012)

Employers' Readiness for the Mother-Friendly Workplace: An Elicitation Study, Yeon Bai, Shahla M. Wunderlich, and Marni Weinstock (2012)

Nutrition Counseling and Education Skill Development, Kathleen D. Bauer, Doreen Liou, and Carol A. Sokolik (2012)

Toward Anarchist and Autonomist Marxist Geographies, Nathan Clough and Renata Blumberg (2012)

Phenol-Based Antioxidants and the in Vitro Methods Used for Their Assessment, Brian D. Craft, Adrian Kerrihard, Ryszard Amarowicz, and Ronald B. Pegg (2012)

The Association Between Marital Transitions, Body Mass Index, and Weight: A Review of the Literature, Lauren Dinour, May May Leung, Gina Tripicchio, Sahar Khan, and Ming Chin Yeh (2012)

Assessing the Nutritional Health Outcomes of African American Women With HIV and Substance Abuse Disorders Using A Socioecological Approach, Meena Mahadevan and John Ruzsilla (2012)

Craft Beer: Penetrating a Niche Market, Douglas Murray and Martin A. O'Neill (2012)


Craft beer: penetrating a niche market, Douglas W. Murray (2012)

Submissions from 2011

Menu Engineering: A Strategy for Seniors to Select Healthier Meals, Charles Feldman, Meena Mahadevan, Haiyan Su, Joseph Brusca, and John Ruzsilla (2011)

An Exploratory Investigation of the Risk of Pathogenic Contamination At Selected New Jersey Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living Residences, Charles Feldman, Gary Nothstein, Chintan K. Somaiya, Heba Obeidallah, Elizabeth Silverthorne, Shahla Wunderlich, and Nina Goodey (2011)

Differential Metabolic Impact of Gastric Bypass Surgery Versus Dietary Intervention in Obese Diabetic Subjects Despite Identical Weight Loss, Blandine Laferrère, David Reilly, Sara Arias, Nicholas Swerdlow, Prakash Gorroochurn, Baani Bawa, Mousumi Bose, Julio Teixeira, Robert D. Stevens, Brett R. Wenner, James R. Bain, Michael J. Muehlbauer, Andrea Haqq, Lillian Lien, Svati H. Shah, Laura P. Svetkey, and Christopher B. Newgard (2011)

Psychosocial Variables and Obesity-Risk-Reduction Behaviors in Chinese Americans, Doreen Liou, Kathleen Bauer, and Yeon Bai (2011)

Factors Influencing the Food Choices and Eating Habits of Restaurant Chefs in Northern New Jersey: A Pilot Study, Meena Mahadevan and Charles Feldman (2011)

Hospitality Student Perceptions on the Use of Sustainable Business Practices As A Means of Signaling Attractiveness and Attracting Future Employees, Douglas Murray and Baker M. Ayoun (2011)

Nutrition Risk Factors Among Home Delivered and Congregate Meal Participants: Need for Enhancement of Nutrition Education and Counseling Among Home Delivered Meal Participants, Shahla Wunderlich, Yeon Bai, and J. Piemonte (2011)

Soil Composition of Community Gardens: Are There Quality Concerns?, Shahla Wunderlich, Charles Feldman, K. Latif, and P. Punamiya (2011)

Submissions from 2010

Predictors of Continuation of Exclusive Breastfeeding for the First Six Months of Life, Yeon Bai, Susan E. Middlestadt, C. Y.Joanne Peng, and Alyce D. Fly (2010)


Predicting Intentions to Continue Exclusive Breastfeeding for 6 Months: a Comparison Among Racial/Ethnic Groups, Yeon Bai, Shahla M. Wunderlich, and Alyce D. Fly (2010)