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Fall 9-1-2014

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Journal of Family & Consumer Sciences


The purpose of this survey research was to examine the psychosocial characteristics of obesity risk-reduction behaviors in Chinese Americans. Obesity risk-reduction behaviors and psychosocial variables derived from the Theory of Planned Behavior and the Health Belief Model were measured. A questionnaire was administered to a convenience sample of 300 young adult Chinese Americans residing in the New York metropolitan area. Results suggest that when communicating messages to low adopters of health behaviors, promoting positive attitudes and social influences for healthful eating should be emphasized. High behavior adopters may benefit from strategies to maintain self-efficacy to enact health-related behaviors conducive to obesity prevention.

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Liou, Doreen, Kathleen D. Bauer, and Yeon Bai. "Examination of Obesity Risk-Reduction Behaviors in Chinese Americans." Journal of Family & Consumer Sciences 106, no. 4 (2014): 23-32.