Home Brewing and Serious Leisure: Exploring the Motivation to Engage and the Resultant Satisfaction Derived Through Participation

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World Leisure Journal


The study examines what motivates an individual to engage in a serious leisure activity and the depth of the satisfaction derived through participation. The study examines the topic through the lens of home craft beer brewers filtered through Stebbins’ serious leisure construct (1982). The data were collected through a yearlong immersion with a local brewing club chapter, extensive indepth interviews with two key informants, and a survey instrument (n = 4207) that collected both quantitative and qualitative data. The results elaborate on Stebbins’ construct and provide deep description of the fulfilment and resonance that participation in and commitment to a serious leisure activity provides. The respondent data were coded into five broad themes: restoration, intellectual absorption, social, creative outlet, and self-actualization. These findings provide tangible support to Stebbins’ assertion that individuals can find fulfilment, purpose, and deep meaning to what may otherwise be a life devoid of meaning.



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Murray, D. W., & O'Neill, M. A. (2015). Home brewing and serious leisure: Exploring the motivation to engage and the resultant satisfaction derived through participation. World Leisure Journal, 57(4), 284-296.