Target Shooting As A Serious Leisure Pursuit–An Exploratory Study of the Motivations Driving Participant Engagement

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The current study is an attempt to better understand the motivations of consumers that engage in target shooting as a serious leisure activity. The instrument design was based on the Leisure Satisfaction Scale and the Leisure Motivation Scale. A total of 5502 usable surveys were collected utilising the Internet and a website related to gun ownership and target shooting. Exploratory in nature, results indicated that three variables in particular, Escapism, Social Interaction and Self-Actualisation, were primary motivators when it comes to engagement in target shooting as a serious leisure pursuit. These findings have important implications to the target-shooting community, and the industries that rely on these consumers to support their businesses. This study is unique in that very little previous research has investigated why target shooters engage in this activity. More detailed implications as well as ideas for future research are also included.



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Martin, D. S., Murray, D., O'Neill, M. A., MacCarthy, M., & Gogue, J. (2014). Target shooting as a serious leisure pursuit–an exploratory study of the motivations driving participant engagement. World Leisure Journal, 56(3), 204-219.