Date(s) of Performance

1/20/2011 - 1/30/2011


Troubleyn, Jan Fabre

Directed by

Jan Fabre

Created by

Jan Fabre


Performers Katarina Bistrovic´-Darvaš, Annabelle Chambon, Cédric Charron, Vittoria Deferrari, Lawrence Goldhuber, Ivana Jozic´, Katarzyna Makuch, Gilles Polet, Kasper Vandenberghe, Kurt Vandendriessche


Are you searching for a hero to transform the mundane intothe magical? Prometheus, who stole fire from Zeus to liberate humanity and had his liver eaten daily for his trouble, might give our need for a hero new life. Jan Fabre has an international reputation for provocative theater. In Fabre’s universe, you find an artist who wears humankind’s rage on his sleeve. Stealing enlightenment from the gods to enhance daily life has, in the 21st century, consequences. How will Aeschylus’s classic be rendered once torn from Fabre’s active imagination? For certain, his Prometheus will be an everyman who seeks to liberate humanity but realizes that creative freedom in the hands of unscrupulous plutocrats leads to social dysfunction.


Theatre and Performance Studies



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Prometheus-Landscape II



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