Date(s) of Performance

3/24/2011 - 3/27/2011


Liz Lerman Dance Exchange

Directed by

Liz Lerman

Created by

Liz Lerman


Performing Ensemble: Ami Dowden-Fant, Leo Erickson, Ted Johnson, Sarah Levitt, Paloma McGregor, Tamara Hurwitz Pullman, Shula Strassfeld, Keith Thompson, Benjamin Wegman, Martha Wittman; Tea Servers: Lauren Alvarez, Victor J. Carinha, Lauren Connolly, Tracy A. Dunbar, Lisa Graziano, Julie Marinucci, Avianna Perez, Morgan Hille Refakis, Hannah J. Rolfes, Gabriella Sanitate, Elise Tarantina, Jennifer Williams, Meagan Woods


Did you believe the world would implode on the day CERN’s Large Hadron Collider revved up? Liz Lerman’s new work explores the physics of beginnings and why afternoon tea and chocolate cake may be the reason we live in dread of the apocalypse. When J. Robert Oppenheimer (the American Prometheus) took a break from harnessing energy for mass destruction, he had tea and cake with Edith Warner, who lived near Los Alamos. Liz Lerman has made a distinguished career of bringing scientific elements together with the poetry of the mind (Ferocious Beauty: Genome). Act I travels from Marie Curie’s lab to CERN and then through the Hubble telescope. Act II is a 360-degree experience of dance, media, cake, and tea shared in real time with each member of the audience, as Lerman unpacks the origin of matter one bite of cake at a time


Theatre and Performance Studies



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The Matter of Origins



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