Date(s) of Performance

4/16/2011 - 4/17/2011

Directed by

Robert Whitman

Created by

Robert Whitman


Have you ever wanted to be in Prune Flat, 1965 Sun, 2007 two places at once? For Robert Whitman such a feat is no sooner imagined than done. Take two sites (66 miles apart) and one artist directing simultaneous performances and you have Whitman on his game, expanding the possibilities of artists’ theater. In a co-performance with the Dia Art Foundation at Beacon, NY, Passport illustrates the “opening ourselves to the world in which we live” scripture handed down by the artists and engineers of Experiments in Art and Technology (E.A.T.). The components of his novel alchemy—a horse, a forklift, fire (thank you, Prometheus), film, performers, and fiber optic networks pioneered at Bell Labs—make Whitman’s poetic vision serendipitous as well as seismic.


Theatre and Performance Studies



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