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NOW Ensemble, William Brittelle's Television Landscape, Victoire


NOW Ensemble: Sara Budde, clarinet,; Patrick Burke, composer; Logan Coale, double bass; Mark Dancigers, composer, electric guitar; Judd Greenstein, composer, synthesizers; Michael Mizrahi, piano. William Brittelle’s Television Landscape: Emily Brausa, cello; William Brittelle, vocals, synthesizers, composer; Logan Coale, electric bass; Mark Dancigers, electric guitar; Alex Hamlin, baritone sax; Brook Martinez, drums; Ed Rosenberg, tenor sax; JP Schlegelmilch, piano; Mary Jo Stilp, violin; Virginia Warken, vocals. Victoire: Olivia De Prato, violin; Lorna Krier, keyboards; Eileen Mack, clarinet; Missy Mazzoli, composer, keyboards; Eleonore Oppenheim, double bass.


What makes a “new classical” band stand out? C omposition chops and entrepreneurial hustle. Missy Mazzoli’s all-female quintet Victoire personifies a dreamy post-rock sensibility. William Brittelle’s Television Landscape embraces a big-band sonic eclecticism. And the aggressively creative NOW Ensemble, featuring compositions by Judd Greenstein, defines 21st-century chamber music. These bands have their act together!


Theatre and Performance Studies



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Here There Be Dragons



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