Date(s) of Performance

3/29/12 - 4/1/12


LeeSaar The Company

Created by

Choreography: Lee Sher, Saar Harari


Creating Performers: Jye-Hwei Lin, Hsin-Yi Hsiang, Hyerin Lee, Candice Schnurr, Amy Dressendorfer, Lee Sher, Saar Harari


In the world premiere of FAME, an international company of six performers will strive to reach moments of fame as viewed through numerous pop culture filters and reference points. Utilizing an extremely physical and sensual performance style, truths are told and fragile secrets revealed as the audience strives to interpret the difference between what is seen… and what is perceived. Director/writer Lee Sher and dancer/choreographer Saar Harari joined the Israeli military at age 18, as is required of all citizens. After their service, both entered upon a life in the performing arts, bringing their intense focus and drive along with them. In 2004, the pair arrived in New York City armed with little else but an immense talent and even greater determination. By 2005, the duo had so impressed the arts establishment that they were awarded American green cards for excellence in the performing arts. Since then, they have blown away both critics and audiences alike with each new work.


Theatre and Performance Studies



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