Date(s) of Performance

9/17/11 - 9/18/11


AnDa Union

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Film: "AnDaUnion: From the Steppes to the City " Directed by Tim Pearce, Sophie Lascelles, and Marc Tiley

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AnDa Union


Morin huur, tobshur, hoomei: Nars; Urtyn duu: Biligbaatar; Moadinchur: Chinggel; Mongolian drum: Hadanbaatar; Morin huur, hoomei: Monkhjayaa; Morin huur, tobshur, hoomei: Otgonbayar; Morin huur, tobshur, vocals, hoomei: Saikhannakhaa; Urtyn duu: Tsetsegmaa; Morin huur, tobshur, hoomei: Uni; Morin huur, hoomei: Urgen


Inner Mongolia’s AnDa Union is on a mission to reignite a passion for the culture of their native land, both at home and around the world. Featuring the amazing sounds of the “morin huur” (horse-headed fiddle), the vocal power of “hoomai” (throat singing), and footage from their awe-inspiring 2010 documentary interwoven throughout, this ten-member ensemble will perform an extremely engaging program that will leave audience members breathless, undeniably moved and forever changed. The majestic culture and powerful history of Inner Mongolia are carried anew by AnDa Union, as they draw musical inspiration from the folk traditions of all the tribes unified by Genghis Khan eight hundred years ago. From Khan’s massive transcontinental empire to the trade connections of the Silk Road, Inner Mongolia has been a crossroads of commercial and cultural exchange since the beginning of recorded time. In the spirit of those that have come before them, AnDa Union dares to follow roads few have travelled before.


Theatre and Performance Studies



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From the Steppes to the City : A Celebration of Music from Inner Mongolia

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