Date(s) of Performance

10/20/11 - 10/23/11


Na Kinimakalehua


Performed By: Giselle Leimomi Ah Sing, Shannon Kahunani Bacos, Troi Hulali Canha, Chandis Dabin, Marie Facuri-Juario, Haland Kealohi Kalahiki, Shaun Pili Kamakea-Young, Kalapana Kollars, Carlson Kamaka Kukona, Aleah Makuakane, Nalei Pokipala, Lu'ukia Ruidas, Chanel Souza, Desmond Sula, Ulalia Woodside; Narrated by: Hake Kaulana Mawae


For untold generations, the seafaring people of the Hawaiian Islands have looked to the horizon for a glimpse of what is to come. Kūlanihāko‘i: Living Waters is a new hula drama created by Nā Kinimakalehua, a consortium of Kumu Hula (hula masters) that blends the traditional and contemporary stories of Hawaii. Situated high in the heavens, beyond the influence of even the gods themselves, is the mystical Kūlanihāko‘i – an elemental lake from which all life flows. Through dance, chant, storytelling and dramatic interpretation, Living Waters draws from an array of enchanting Hawaiian myths tracing back over 2,000 years, highlighting the need for an equilibrium in the connection between mankind and nature.


Theatre and Performance Studies



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Living Waters