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East of the River


Recorders, Ney; Chalumeau: Daphna Mor and Nina Stern; Oud: Ara Dinkjian; Violin: Jesse Kotansky; Accordion: Peter Stan; Bass: Omer Avital; Percussion: Shane Shanahan, Glen Velez


World music supergroup East of the River has a very different type of holiday concert in store this upcoming season. With a focus on the winter solstice, family, and new beginnings, Darkness Is Your Candle explores music of the Mediterranean, Balkans, Armenia, and the Middle East, presenting the earliest songs of those extraordinary cultures. Taking its name from the work of Persian poet Rumi, the program shifts from a lunar atmosphere in the first half of the program into rebirth and daylight in the second half, creating a unique and unforgettable musical journey for the New Year.


Music Performance | Theatre and Performance Studies



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Darkness Is Your Candle

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