Date(s) of Performance

3/26/2015 - 3/29/2015

Directed by

Robert Whitman

Created by

Robert Whitman


Singer/Songwriter: Fiona ; Guitarist: Jeff Ciampa ; Performers: Lama Abdo, Irena Pejovic, Derek Wright, Mina Zarfsaz ; Swimmers: Erich Homenik, Jacob Burckhardt


Performance pioneer Robert Whitman is always at the vanguard of theater and art. With Swim, he creates an enchanting, thrillingly inventive new work that expands and heightens the theater experience by creating a rich environment of sound, movement, smells, and activities, in which the visual is only one part of the experience. According to Whitman, “an image, an object, a performer, or an action may not be seen, but it can be heard; it can be smelled; it can be perceived and felt; and in this shared experience the audience, sighted and blind, can be brought into a single community.”


Theatre and Performance Studies



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