Imagining O

Date(s) of Performance

9/10/2014 - 9/13/2014

Directed by

Benjamin Mosse, Richard Schechner

Created by

Richard Schechner


Madeline Barr, Julia Blauvelt, Parker Denton, Melissa Krodman, Caiti Lattimer, Deborah Leiser-Moore, Niamh Lynam-Cotter, Simona Maïcanescu, Agape (Gabriela Moreno), Kaitlin Overton, Calista Small, Kim Snauwaert, Allison Taaffe, Maga Uzo


How better to celebrate the Kasser Theater’s 10th anniversary than with a world premiere that makes the entire facility its stage? In the latest devised work from maverick director and pioneering founder of The Performance Group Richard Schechner, nothing is off-limits as performers guide you through the space from stage to wings, dressing rooms to lobby. Imagining O – part theater, part dance, part installation art – investigates sexuality and artistry, abjection and power as imagined by Hamlet’s Ophelia, O from Pauline Réage’s Story of O, and the ensemble.


Theatre and Performance Studies



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Imagining O