Date(s) of Performance

4/14/16 - 4/17/16

Directed by

nora chipaumire

Created by

nora chipaumire


nora chipaumire; Additional Dancers Pape Ibrahima N’diaye (a.k.a. Kaolack), Shamar Watt


portrait... takes place in a simulated boxing ring in which Chipaumire and Senegalese dancer Pape Ibrahima Ndiaye, also known as Kaolack, are tied together in an exhausting and symbolic dance-ritual. They are joined by Jamaican-born, Brooklyn-based dancer Shamar Watt, who plays the coach/corner man/cheerleader/shadow. In this performance, the spectres of the estranged father dance, struggle, and fight against prejudices, social pressures, the weight of traditions and history.The piece considers the African male through the lens of capitalism, Christianity, colonialism and liberation struggles—and how these political and cultural traditions impact the African family and society on a global scale. The imaginary daughter and father are tethered to the stage and to each other: they are both linked and opposed, and the elastic bands are a literal and figurative connection that questions family ties. The performance also celebrates and critiques masculinity: its presence, presentation, and representation. This timely examination of black maleness asks: What is it about the black male body that we fear?


Theatre and Performance Studies



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Additional Information

portrait of myself as my father