Date(s) of Performance

6/9/16 - 6/12/16

Directed by

Romeo Castellucci

Created by

Direction, Set, Costumes, Lights :Romeo Castellucci


Performers: Rascia Darwish, Gloria Dorliguzzo, Luca Nava, Stefano Questorio, Sergio Scarlatella; Ensemble: David Alan Schmitt, Paula Taylor, Sonia Villani


This work transfigures the various moments of the life of Moses as they are narrated in the Book of Exodus. In the events of this man’s life there is something inherent in the substance of our time. As with Michelangelo’s Moses, described in the text that Freud dedicated to this work, the prophet of monotheism is presented here as a man, forced to react when faced with the difficulties that this God—without name and without image—puts before him: the abandonment of his newborn body in the waters of the Nile, the mystery of the burning bush in which the blinding splendor of the glory of YHWH—in the kabod—manifests itself, and the 40 days passed on Mount Sinai where he receives the tablets of the law only to discover, on his return, the golden calf erected and venerated by his people.


Theatre and Performance Studies



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