Date(s) of Performance

12/10/15 - 12/13/15


Liz Gerring Dance Company

Directed by

Artistic Director: Liz Gerring Radke; Executive Director: Eric Rosenzveig

Created by

Liz Gerring


Dancers: Brandon Collwes, Joseph Giordano, Molly Griffin, Pierre Guilbault, Julia Jurgilewicz, Jake Szczypek, Claire Westby, Parker Murphy; Live Percussion: Bill Solomon


Horizon is a new work for seven dancers centered around the idea of density. In this piece I endeavored to add as much as possible to the space in terms of dancers and movement. With multiple phrases occurring simultaneously, the dance takes the form of a constantly shifting universe full of activity. glacier, my preceding work was an exercise of stripping away in an effort to reduce movement to its least possible form. Working again with collaborators Michael Schumacher and set and lighting designer Robert Wierzel, we’ve done something different. Michael’s multiple rhythms and use of a live percussionist propel the actions onstage, supporting the dancer’s movement in a way that is unusual for us.


Dance | Theatre and Performance Studies



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