All Terrain String Festival : Bolcom 4x4


All Terrain String Festival : Bolcom 4x4

Date(s) of Performance

3/31/2017 - 4/2/2017


Arditti Quartet, Chiara String Quartet, Harlem Quartet, Shanghai Quartet


Arditti Quartet - Violin: Irvine Arditti, Ashot Sarkissjan Viola: Ralf Ehlers Cello: Lucas Fels; Chiara String Quartet - Violin: Rebecca Fischer, Hyeyung Julie Yoon Viola: Jonah Sirota Cello: Gregory Beaver; Harlem Quartet - Violins: Ilmar Gavilán, Melissa White Viola: Jaime Amador Cello: Felix Umansky; Shanghai Quartet - Violin: Weigang Li, Yi-Wen Jiang Viola: Honggang Li Cello: Nicholas Tzavaras Guitar: Eliot Fisk Bass: John Patitucci


Peak Performances is pleased to present All Terrain String Festival: Bolcom 4x4, a three-day festival in which four of the world’s foremost string quartets will perform the work of prolific Pulitzer Prize-winning American composer William Bolcom, along with music by a wide variety of other composers, from Mozart to Dizzy Gillespie. The Arditti Quartet, Chiara String Quartet, Harlem Quartet and Shanghai Quartet, joined by virtuoso guest artists including jazz bassist John Patitucci and classical guitarist Eliot Fisk, will perform March 31 – April 2 at the Alexander Kasser Theater at Montclair State University. Shanghai Quartet, ensemble-in-residence at the University’s John J. Cali School of Music, will perform with each of the other three quartets, as well as headline their own festival-concluding concert.


Music Performance | Theatre and Performance Studies


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All Terrain String Festival : Bolcom 4x4