Date(s) of Performance

10/6/2017 - 10/8/2017


International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE)

Created by

Composer: Ashley Fure


Voices: Alice Teyssier, Lucy Dhegrae; Saxophone: Ryan Muncy; Bassoon: Rebekah Heller; Percussion: Dustin Donahue


“Tones made tactile, objects made audible, noise made beautiful.” That’s how The New York Times describes Ashley Fure’s work. In her world, all materials are potent and active with lives of their own. We often take things for granted, but Fure does not. She has given them their own voice and consciousness in The Force of Things: An Opera for Objects. This wordless drama, created with her architect brother Adam Fure and International Contemporary Ensemble, “probes the animate vitality of matter.” The audience sits beneath a canopy of familiar and exotic objects, while performers spur them into action and singers, like the sirens of mythology, shout and whisper warnings, luring the audience into an entirely new way of listening.


Theatre and Performance Studies



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The Force of Things : An Opera for Objects