Date(s) of Performance

10/19/2017 - 10/22/2017

Directed by

Pam Tanowitz, Aaron Mattocks

Created by

Simone Dinnerstein, Pam Tanowitz


Performed by Maggie Cloud, Jason Collins, Christine Flores, Lindsey Jones, Maile Okamura, Melissa Toogood, Netta Yerushalmy; Understudy: Sienna Blaw


In 2007, pianist Simone Dinnerstein rocked the music world with her recording of Bach’s Goldberg Variations. She raised the money for the project herself and rented the Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall for a concert. Her gamble paid off, with glowing reviews of her “expressive force” and “timeless, meditative, utterly audacious solo debut.” Now ready for a new challenge, Dinnerstein wanted to match the music with movement, so it was time to roll the dice again. She proposed her project to acclaimed choreographer Pam Tanowitz. Both women were intimidated by the challenge of reinterpreting Bach’s towering, beloved classic, but they decided their hesitation was the exact reason to proceed. “Working together we’ll invent our own world,” Tanowitz decided, “and create something inherently dangerous for both of us as artists.” The result is New Work for Goldberg Variations, with Dinnerstein center stage at the piano in expressive dialogue with the dancers moving all around her to Bach’s glorious music.


Theatre and Performance Studies



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Additional Information

New Work for Goldberg Variations



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