Date(s) of Performance

4/9/2019 - 4/14/2019

Directed by

Faye Driscoll

Created by

Faye Driscoll


Faye Driscoll


The final work in Faye Driscoll’s three-part Thank You For Coming series, Space is an intimate shared performance, and a liberatory ritual that confronts life’s most notable transition. Alone with the audience, Driscoll constructs a temporary world upheld by pulleys, ropes and the weightiness of others, to invoke the sensations of absence. At the center of the work is the human body—built for action, self contained, and driven by its longing for the felt world. Space calls forth new presences and offers an enlivened contemplation of our shared conclusion. Driscoll’s Thank You For Coming series, extends the sphere of influence of performance, creating a communal space where everything is questioned, heightened, and palpable.


Theatre and Performance Studies



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Thank You For Coming : Space

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