Art of the Fugue

Art of the Fugue

Date(s) of Performance

Captured at the Kasser Theater 1/28/2021 - 1/29/2021



Directed by

Zvi Gotheiner


Dancers: Alison Clancy, Evan Fisk, Caitlin Javech, Matilda Mackey, Doron Perk, Nat Wilson, Ching Ching Wong, Anson Zingelberg


The Art of Fugue is an evening-length, multimedia dance performance collaboration between Artistic Director Zvi Gotheiner, composer Scott Killian, lighting designer Mark London, media designer Joshua Higgason, and eight dancers. Johann Sebastian Bach’s The Art of Fugue is a point of departure for this choreographic exploration that highlights the individual contribution of each of his creative team. In music, a fugue is a contrapuntal composition in which a short melody is introduced by one voice and successively taken up by others; Gotheiner introduces this compositional structure as a metaphor to portray a non-hierarchical society. Killian integrates electronic original music with Bach, anchoring the work in contemporary culture. Higgason’s live and pre-recorded video projection adds an additional “voice” to the complexity of the canonic composition.


Theatre and Performance Studies


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Art of the Fugue