Date(s) of Performance

2/10/2022 - 2/13/2022


Spectrum Dance Theater

Directed by

Donald Byrd


Spectrum Company Artists: Chloe Brown (apprentice), Hutch Hagendorf, Justine Hannan, Marte Osiris Madera, Kaitlyn Nguyen, Lillie Pincus (apprentice), Nile Alicia Ruff, Nathanaël Santiago, Jaclyn Wheatley; Guest Artists: Marco Farroni, Davione Gordon, Josephine Howell, Nia-Amina Minor, Mary Sigward


Strange Fruit draws its title from the 1937 poem and song of the same name by Abel Meeropol and made famous by the great jazz singer Billie Holiday—which metaphorically addresses lynching as a tool of racial terrorism during the Jim Crow Era. For this dance/theater work, the facts of lynching act as springboards into a highly personal interior space and state of mind. Abstract yet grounded in a brutal reality, Strange Fruit tracks choreographer Donald Byrd’s feelings as a response to lynching and plays out as a series of dance/theater vignettes.


Theatre and Performance Studies



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Strange Fruit

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