Date(s) of Performance

5/5/2022 - 5/8/2022


Familie Floz

Directed by

Michael Vogel

Created by

Sebastian Kautz, Anna Kistel, Thomas Rascher, Frederik Rohn, Hajo Schüler, Michael Vogel, Nicolas Witte


Marina Rodriguez Llorente, Sebastian Kautz, Daniel Matheus, Thomas Rascher


Using clowning, acrobatics, magic, and improvisation, Familie Flöz makes its highly anticipated U.S. debut after delighting European audiences for more than 20 years with captivating theatrical experiences. Strange things happen in Hotel Paradiso, a comedic thriller chock full of eccentric characters including a pajama-wearing front-desk clerk, a kleptomaniacal maid, and a cook who chops up more than just pork. Set in a family-run Alpine resort, this fairy tale full of secrets is created by a Berlin-based troupe known worldwide for works that are “wordless and yet somehow so expressive, full of yearning and yet also filled with joy.” -The Guardian


Theatre and Performance Studies



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Hotel Paradiso



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