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The aim of this systematic review was to evaluate the current evidence by assessing the effectiveness of integrative neuromuscular training programs in injury prevention and sports performance in young athletes. Different data sources were analyzed up to January 2018. Eligible studies contained information on population (young athletes), intervention (neuromuscular training), comparator (control group or another exercise intervention), outcomes (injury prevention or sport performance), and study design (randomized trials or prospective studies). The trials were restricted based on the language (English) and for publication date (after 1 January 2007). Fourteen randomized controlled trials were included: Seven included dynamic stability-related outcomes. Three assessed the coordination performing fundamental movements and sport-specific skills, while other five studies analyzed muscle strength and two assessed plyometric tests. Agility was evaluated in three studies and speed tests were also considered by four studies. Finally, fatigue resistance in three studies and injury risk in four were assessed. This review provides evidence that integrative neuromuscular training programs can enhance performance and injury prevention in young athletes, taken into account that adherence to the training program is adequate. Collectively, well-designed, randomized studies are necessary to collaborate with the present findings.

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Sañudo, Borja, Juan Sánchez-Hernández, Mario Bernardo-Filho, Ellie Abdi, Redha Taiar, and Javier Núñez. "Integrative neuromuscular training in young athletes, injury prevention, and performance optimization: A systematic review." Applied Sciences 9, no. 18 (2019): 3839.