Jean-Baptiste Chenet

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L'Orange / The Orange



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Jean-Baptiste Chenet

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Elena Marcato

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Elena Marcato is completing her BA in French with a concentration in translation at Montclair State University. She speaks English and French and is currently learning Italian. She is originally from Egg Harbor Township, NJ, and enjoys taking walks.

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English translation of Jean-Baptiste Chenet's "L'Orange" by Elena Marcato.


Jan 1st, 12:00 AM

L'Orange / The Orange

English translation of Jean-Baptiste Chenet's "L'Orange" by Elena Marcato.

Original Work


Fruit succulent que mon palais savoure,

Toi qu’une couche d’or entoure,

Parny mieux que moi t’a chanté.

L’arbre élégant à la sombre verdure,

Des Indes ici transplanté,

De nos vergers enrichit la parure.

Quand l'étoile du jour sur l’oranger trempé,

Surprend la perle qui s’exhale,

Quand le soleil a dissipé

La brume triste et matinale,

Le rossignol, de son chant occupé,

L’air embaumé par la fleur virginale,

Me rencontrent assis sous ton feuillage épais

Savourant cette odeur que chasse le vent frais.

Poem by Jean-Baptiste Chenet

(anthologized in Berrou 91)

Translated Work

The Orange

Succulent fruit that my palate savors,

A fair golden coat borders your flavors,

Praised better than I by Parny*.

The elegant tree with dark greenery,

Transported here from the Indies,

Our orchards enrich the finery.

When the morning star greets the orange tree soaked,

Surprises the pearl that radiates so soon,

When the sun has cloaked

The sad mist of forenoon,

The nightingale, busy singing unprovoked,

The air scented by a virginal flower of June,

Meets me seated under the thick foliage just so

Savoring the perfume chased by the winds

that blow.

*Translator’s Note: Evariste de Parny was a French poet born in what is now La Réunion

Translation by Elena Marcato, 2022