Ida Faubert


(Born in Port-au-Prince, 1882; Died in Joinville-le-Pont, France, 1969)

The only daughter of Haitian President Lysius Salomon, Faubert spent her early years in Port-au-Prince until her family took exile in Paris following the overthrow of her father’s government in 1888. According to Tinsley, this is where she studied and spent most of her life. She frequented literary movements such as La Ronde while in Haiti (1903-1914) and was among the first influential Haitian women poets to be recognized internationally. Her first poems were published in the journal Haïti littéraire et scientifique (directed by fellow poet Edmond Laforest) in 1912 and in anthologies of Haitian literature (Morpeau 287; Tinsley). After returning to Paris definitively in 1914, she welcomed to her salon famous poets and artists from among the international avant-garde (Tinsley). Her works were published by Parisian periodicals including Les Annales politiques et littérairesLa Gazette de Paris, and Le Journal du peuple. Faubert published a collection of stories entitled Sous le soleil caraïbe in 1959. Danielle Legros has beautifully translated the 1939 Coeur des îles as Island Heart.

Biography by Emeline Frix, 2023


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Ida Faubert

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Ida Faubert

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