Ignace Nau


(Port-au-Prince, 1808 [?] to 1845)

Ignace Nau went to school at the Institute of Jonathas Granville (a military-like academy), then went on to complete his studies at a Catholic University or Institute in New York (Berrou 97-98; Léger). When he moved back to his home country of Haiti, he was hired as an artilleryman, but quit soon thereafter (Morpeau 59). While residing in Port-au-Prince in 1836, he joined forces with his brothers and some friends (like Coriolan Ardouin and his brothers) to found a cenacle. They began publishing a journal called Le Républicain (later renamed “L’Union” due to the government shutting them down after publishing anti-Republic sentiments) (Berrou 98). His wife, Marie-Elina Bélisaire, whom he married in 1833, proved a great source of inspiration for his poetry. Her death, in 1837, a source of great sorrow (Morpeau, 59). He is renowned as a short story writer (Léger) and the most prominent themes in his poetry are nature, love, melancholy, and faith.

Biography by Emeline Frix, 2022


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Saturday, January 1st
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Ignace Nau

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