Timothée Paret


(Born in Jeremie, 1887; died Port-au Prince 1942)

A lawyer, Timothée Paret held a long list of jobs over the course of his life, including teacher, lawyer, Civil Court Commissioner in Jéremie and Port-au-Prince, Head of the Department of Interior, and State Councilor (Morpeau 305; Underwood 130). In addition, he was a prolific poet (Lueurs sereines, 1907; Eden Tropical, 1910; L’Ame vibrante (1929); Tels qu’ils sont; Dans la mêlée, 1932; Amour tragique; Fleurs détachées; Nouvelles floraisons) who produced works described by Morpeau as striking, picturesque, and emotional (305). Paret’s work was often cited or anthologized regularly. “Impressions,” for example, was translated into English by Underwood in her Poets of Haiti (130-131).

                                                                                                Biography by Emeline Frix, 2023


Morpeau, Louis. Anthologie d'un siècle de poésie haïtienne 1817-1925. Bossard, 1924.

Underwood, Edna Worthley. The Poets of Haiti, 1782-1934. The Mosher Press, 1934.


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Sunday, January 1st
12:00 AM

L'ami / The Friend

Timothée Paret

Translation: Amanda Krand