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Physical Review Letters


The gravitational-wave (GW) sky may include nearby pointlike sources as well as stochastic backgrounds. We perform two directional searches for persistent GWs using data from the LIGO S5 science run: one optimized for pointlike sources and one for arbitrary extended sources. Finding no evidence to support the detection of GWs, we present 90% confidence level (C.L.) upper-limit maps of GW strain power with typical values between 2-20×10-50strain2Hz-1 and 5-35×10 -49strain2Hz-1sr-1 for pointlike and extended sources, respectively. The latter result is the first of its kind. We also set 90% C.L. limits on the narrow-band root-mean-square GW strain from interesting targets including Sco X-1, SN 1987A and the Galactic center as low as 7×10-25 in the most sensitive frequency range near 160 Hz.



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Abadie, J., Abbott, B. P., Abbott, R., Abernathy, M., Accadia, T., Acernese, F., ... & Creighton, J. D. E. (2011). Directional limits on persistent gravitational waves using LIGO S5 science data. Physical Review Letters, 107(27), 271102.

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