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Summer 2007

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Harvard International Review


As the sixth year of the US-led war on terror rages on, it would appear that few constructs are more self-evident than the one dividing Islam and the West. Muslim minorities in the West are often scrutinized through this paradoxical prism. The results of several recent polls have set off alarm bells in a tense Europe, still shaken by the Jul 7, 2005 bombings in London. One of the most pervasive assumptions in discourse on European Muslim integration is that Muslim religiosity threatens Europe. While Muslims in three European capitals are indeed highly religious, this piety does not lead to sympathy for terrorism. Muslims in Paris, Berlin, and London wish to hold on to their values, but they also choose diversity over conformity. While residents of predominantly Muslim countries are critical of the West's perceived breakdown of traditional values, this is neither the primary driver of extremist views nor the demanded change that Muslims cite for better relations with the West.

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Mogahed, D., & Nyiri, Z. (2007). Reinventing integration. Harvard International Review, 29(2), 14.