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Harvard International Review


Studies have shown that factors other than the wealth of a country also matter for educational attainment. The authors' report, on the other hand, illustrates the educational advantage bestowed by access to computers. The evidence indicates that the level of computer propagation in a country is strongly associated with its students' scores on the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), a standardized international test. For the current analysis, the authors tested several possible development indicators as predictors of country-level variation in PISA scores. A multiple regression analysis allowed them to systematically compare countries that are highly similar in GDP levels but which vary in their level of educational attainment. It is clear from their data that naturally occurring rates of computer access are uniquely associated with educational attainment. This suggests that the ability of today's children to participate fully in tomorrow's global economy may be enhanced by efforts to provide them with the technological tools that have so powerfully shaped the modern economic and educational world.

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Pelham, B., Crabtree, S., & Nyiri, Z. (2009). GALLUP PRESENTS... Technology and Education: The Power of the Personal Computer. Harvard International Review, 31(2), 74.