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Winter 1-28-2002

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Journal of Experimental Psychology


P participants named (Experiments 1–2) or categorized (Experiments 3–4) the picture or the word of the picture–word compounds that varied in the relative saliency of the 2 components and in the correlation between them over the experimental trials. Picture-word interference (PWI) was gauged through Stroop and Garner effects. PWI was found to be malleable; its magnitude and very presence depending lawfully on the contextual variations introduced. The contingent nature of PWI is a fact to be reckoned with by theorists of the picture–word processing.


DOI: 10.1037//0278-7393.28.1.221

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Arieh, Yoav, and Daniel Algom. "Processing Picture–Word Stimuli: The Contingent Nature of Picture and of Word Superiority." Learning, Memory 28, no. 1 (2002): 221-232.