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Spring 3-2005

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Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior


National trends show consistent increases, as well as racial and ethnic dis- parities, in the prevalence of overweight children and adolescents. Such disparity is evident regarding behaviors such as a poor diet and a lack of physical activity and in the prevalence and outcomes of associated health problems. It has been suggested that grounding interventions in cultural traditions and norms are critical for preventing obesity among ethnic and racial minority youth; however, with some notable exceptions, few community interventions have used this approach. Moreover, urban minority youth may face additional barriers to healthful eating and physical activity behaviors, such as limited environmental and social support systems. Thus, there is a great need for culturally relevant community-based programs to serve them.


DOI: 10.1016/s1499-4046(06)60024-9

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Carter, B. J., Amanda Birnbaum, Lisa Hark, Brian Vickery, Charles Potter, and Michael P. Osborne. "Using media messaging to promote healthful eating and physical activity among urban youth." Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior (2005).