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Learning & Leading with Technology


It is too easy for teachers and library media specialists to entangle themselves in the multiple strands of standards: State core curriculum content standards, National Educational Technology Standards for Students (NETS.S), National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers (NETS.T), and the Information Literacy Standards (ALA). To prevent teachers from drowning professionally in this vast sea of accountability, the author presents an exercise that untangles the standards and helps teachers to align their teaching style with immediately accessible instructional technologies. This exercise is a useful anchor for inservice teachers and media specialists to experiment using new media technologies to support existing curriculum or, conversely, use traditional media technologies to support new or unfamiliar curriculum standards. The author also outlines a curriculum design process that allows educators to visually assemble curriculum where standards are at the forefront of their teaching and where instructional technologies play a supporting role. The article includes a technology integration matrix showing standards, strategies, and technologies.(Contains 1 table.)


Published under author's previous name. Author was not a member of the School of Communication at that time.

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Domine, V. (2006). 4 Steps to Standards Integration. Learning & Leading with Technology, 34(3), 22–25. Retrieved from