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Drugs: Education, Prevention and Policy


Jewish people from Ethiopia have been immigrating to Israel since 1973. Difficulties with language, unemployment; low socioeconomic status and prejudice have been common place and linked to problem behaviour including school drop out, delinquency and drug abuse among Ethiopian youth. This research examines the patterns of alcohol use and related problem behaviour among male and female Ethiopian youth participating in after-school programs and youth centres. For all alcohol substances (i.e., beer, wine and liquor such as vodka and whiskey), boys were significantly more inclined to drink than girls. The patterns of alcohol use among Ethiopian youth tend to be more similar to those of high-risk youth placed in alternative schools because of learning difficulties and/or behavioural problems than those of other high-school-age youth in the country. Their alcohol use and related problem behaviour, especially driving a car or motorcycle after drinking or being a passenger in a car or on a motorcycle when the driver had been drinking, should be targeted for further study and prevention purposes. Also, gender differences in prevalence of alcohol use among Ethiopian youth should be monitored to verify what may be a growing problem among females in the country.



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Isralowitz, R., Shpiegel, S., Reznik, A., & Laytin, A. (2009). Ethiopian youth in Israel: Gender-related alcohol use and related problem behaviour. Drugs: Education, Prevention and Policy, 16(3), 273-278.

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